Hi there – welcome to Load of Scrap!

While you’re here, I’ll be your scrapbooking

sponsor and tour guide.

My name is Eric and I LOVE to scrapbook!


I’ve been scrapbooking so long, it feels like

I’ve been doing it since leaving the womb.

Real time – just since middle school. I created

my first scrapbook in 1984 – way before it

was a national pastime. Since then, I’ve

used just about every kind of photo book, memory book and scrapbook that’s ever appeared on the market.


As scrapbookers, we specialize in a craft that merges design, layout, photography and creative writing. My education and professional experience has always leaned toward these creative endeavors and I draw on that background every time I design a layout.


During college, I had an internship for two summers in the advertising department of the Daily Journal in Franklin, Indiana. While there, I learned the fundamentals of layout, design and copywriting. I majored in Journalism at Indiana University and spent four years as a television news reporter and photographer. I spent another year as a newspaper reporter for a newspaper in Atlanta.


However, all the education and professional expertise can’t instill a genuine love for 

          scrapbooking that keeps you pulling up a chair to your desk to spend hours on your 

                layouts. To that end, I credit two people with my love of scrapbooking: my father

                      and his mother.


                          As a kid, my dad  was always taking pictures – he was a textbook amateur

                      photographer. He had one of those deliciously awesome 35mm cameras –   

                       black and sleek with removable lenses, shutter speed and F-stop – I

                        thought that camera was super cool. Dad used to take tons of pictures. Most

                        of them ended up in one of those antiquated magnetic photo books…and        

                        the others usually ended up in frames around the house. Our family’s        

                        photographic memories were not only displayed, but cherished.


                         While my father taught me the value of photography, it was my

                         grandmother who introduced to actual scrapbooking. Talk about “ahead of

                         your time,” My Grandma Kay had photo books she created as far back as

                         the 1940s. While they were primitive compared to today’s scrapbooks, I’m

                        sure they were practically ground-breaking for their time.


                      I spent hours upon hours poring over those old scrapbooks.  Black and white

                    pictures were placed on the pages with actual photo corners that were as

                  decorative as they were functional. The quality of the photos wasn’t the best –

                     but the cracks and rips brought even more character to the sepia tones.

                         Thinking about her memory books – what’s even more amazing is how she

                            documented every person and event. The photos were labeled and

                               described. As grandma got older and her arthritis got worse, she never

                                  let her scrapbooking suffer. In fact, her love of photography was

                                    passed on to all her kids and grandkids….spending time with the

                                     Erickson clan is like hanging out with a pack of paparazzi.


                                     Scrapbooking is less a craft and more of a lifestyle for me. I want

                                    this website to be place where I can share my love for this craft with


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